The Modern Wedding!

Instead of all the glitz and glam of a Kardashian style wedding, I think we are starting to see realists emerge who know that it’s not about how much money you can throw on a lavish and frankly stuffy party, but rather the vibe you create in a more intimate setting! We are seeing a rise in requests to be at wedding festivities such as rehearsal dinners and backyard style receptions. It is a blast to be a part of these type of events. It’s truly a mutually beneficial exchange. Having a food truck gives you options! Maybe not everyone is hungry at the same time and the age of selecting fish or chicken months in advance is as antiquated as rotary phones. What if I want to change my mind? Having us at your wedding will add an extra dimension! We enjoy being a part of the process and really “catering” to your needs! Hit us up for your next event!

New items!

So we recently have “rolled” out some new itemsĀ  Given one our newest members/chefs, Jon Yoder, is from just NW of Philly he wanted to bring some of that flavor down to Delmarva!


First is the ‘Yo Adrian’ Egg rolls. It is a classic South Philly inspired cheesesteak with ribeye, onions, peppers and provolone in an egg roll wrap! It is served with a side of marinara sauce or “gravy” as they would say in South Philly!


Our other latest creation that has been getting rave reviews is Chef Yoder’s newest Pittsburgh inspired creation of the Late Riser. This is brunch in a tortilla! 2 farm fresh scrambled eggs combined with our citrus infused pulled pork and stuffed with our seasoned fries and topped off with our BBQ and Truck It sauces then seared on the grill to give it a nice firm grab and grub approach!



We love comments, constructive and laudable ones. Recently we received a comment that in addition to having a great meal, they also loved the passion of the “man at the window” (Owner/Operator Michael Fabber). What an amazing comment! All of us who make up the Truck It family do this with passion because it is other wise taking us away from our families! We are also an ecclectic day job crew ranging from lawn care, sports radio host, college basketball coaches and public educators (1 of us is even a HS Spanish/Latin teacher). So if anything is going to take us away from that it better be good! We demand it of ourselves. And as a young food truck it takes passion or you’ll never be more than just a young food truck! And for us…Failure is not an option. So it meant a lot to us to hear those words in a comment. It means we’re on the right track!


We at Truck It really want to be the best, not just for bragging rights or something egotistical, but rather just to know that we left it all out on the field. We are both coaches and the same expectation we have for our players is what we expect out of ourselves; and this truck is our field. Mike has worked so hard on all the main recipes and for each item on our menu it was an Edison like process that will always be evolving. As a matter of fact we are just taking a break from being in the kitchen making our own mayo to put in our own cole slaw dressing. It may be a while before it makes it on the menu, but the 1,000 mile journey starts with the first step! Hope to see you at one of our events or even better maybe we can cater your next party!

Georgetown Music in the Park

This summer has been filled with great community events for us! We have been a weekly fixture on Thursday nights in Geogetown both at the North Bedford St. Park and 16 Mile Brewery. We hope you come out for the last 2 Thursdays of the summer and Truck it with us! It has been our pleasure to serve the community and really get to know our neighbors as well as to listen to some great bands all of which has been sponsored by great local businesses as well as the town of Georgetown!