The Modern Wedding!

Instead of all the glitz and glam of a Kardashian style wedding, I think we are starting to see realists emerge who know that it’s not about how much money you can throw on a lavish and frankly stuffy party, but rather the vibe you create in a more intimate setting! We are seeing a rise in requests to be at wedding festivities such as rehearsal dinners and backyard style receptions. It is a blast to be a part of these type of events. It’s truly a mutually beneficial exchange. Having a food truck gives you options! Maybe not everyone is hungry at the same time and the age of selecting fish or chicken months in advance is as antiquated as rotary phones. What if I want to change my mind? Having us at your wedding will add an extra dimension! We enjoy being a part of the process and really “catering” to your needs! Hit us up for your next event!

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