We love comments, constructive and laudable ones. Recently we received a comment that in addition to having a great meal, they also loved the passion of the “man at the window” (Owner/Operator Michael Fabber). What an amazing comment! All of us who make up the Truck It family do this with passion because it is other wise taking us away from our families! We are also an ecclectic day job crew ranging from lawn care, sports radio host, college basketball coaches and public educators (1 of us is even a HS Spanish/Latin teacher). So if anything is going to take us away from that it better be good! We demand it of ourselves. And as a young food truck it takes passion or you’ll never be more than just a young food truck! And for us…Failure is not an option. So it meant a lot to us to hear those words in a comment. It means we’re on the right track!

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